Why did some Medieval Italians choose to write in French? A companion to Fordham’s French of Italy website, Exploring Place in the French of Italy orients these texts according to geography. In doing so, these maps provide a way of understanding the places medieval Italians described and imagined when they chose to write in French. This site contains maps of all the identifiable place names for sixteen individual French language texts written in Italy, as well as a composite map that plots all of the place-names mentioned in our chosen corpus. Users may also see how frequently particular sites are mentioned, both for individual works and for the corpus as a whole. The essays that accompany this collection of maps explain the value of a geographic approach and detail the technical process of developing the project. The micro-essays page highlights questions that came to us as we created the maps, and invites users to think through these visualizations in similarly innovative ways. To this end, the accumulated data underlying these maps can be examined, downloaded, and re-purposed by our site users.


Exploring Place in French of Italy

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