French of Outremer

The French of Outremer Website allows users to explore the French-language sources coming from the Outremer, “the land across the sea,” by source type or by locale.

French of Italy

The French of Italy Website illuminates medieval French texts written by Italian-speaking authors or in Italian-speaking locations.

French of England

The French of England Website is the definitive online resource for French materials written in and circulating through England in the medieval era.


DigitalHudson showcases a vast array of materials from the river’s long cultural history: artistic renderings and written accounts are put in conversation with economic and scientific records to bring the river to life.

All Learners Learning Every Day

ALL-ED provides instructional routines and tools used in planning and in practice that promote student autonomy and group learning as a means to sustain differentiated instruction.

Project REACH Online

Project REACH is a digital teaching platform that both furthers and evaluates the development of instructional competencies of teacher candidates

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