Digital Yoknapatawpha (DY) is an online timeline and map dedicated to the stories and novels set in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County created by the American writer William Faulkner. An interdisciplinary, collaborative effort of dozens of scholars, technologists, and designers, the project is for researchers, teachers, students, and all readers of Faulkner. At the project’s core is a peer-reviewed, interpretive database composed of every character, location, and event that appear in Faulkner’s work. Users access and filter the collected data by layering it onto the dynamic map and timeline, which are augmented by other resources, such as audio tapes with Faulkner speaking and images of original manuscripts. DY’s functionality, display, and multidimensional purposes will continue to develop and deepen, as technology advances and our imaginations respond in kind. The project is part of the University of Virginia‚Äôs Sciences, Humanities, & Arts Network of Technological Initiatives (SHANTI). Stephen Railton is the creator and director of the project. Elizabeth Cornell is a contributing editor. View the work in progress.


Digital Yok

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