The Keywords Collaboratory invites visitors to engage in a collaborative discussion about the language we share. This hybrid print-digital publication includes over 90 essays, each on a complex and contested term such as “disability,” “diversity,” “finance,” and “freedom.” The print volume includes 64 essays, 30 of which are new for the second edition. Another 33 new and revised essays appear online.The site also includes “Keywords: An Introduction,” the list of works cited by all the essays, information about the contributors, and a note on classroom use that includes ideas for instructors on how to use this Collaboratory. Any page in the site can be printed or saved as a pdf, and a single click provides a citation to that page that can be pasted into a bibliography. To facilitate keyword projects among classes and working groups, the collaboratory uses MediaWiki, the same technology as Wikipedia. The technology is advantageous because, by its design, it enables project editors to host spaces for the sustained development of new keywords projects, while also inviting public commentary on those projects as they evolve.



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