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TravelBlog: My Month of DH

Landed at SFO for Linked Open Data Summit

June has turned out to be My Month of DH.  I’ll be traveling more than half the month, finding out as much as I can about digital humanities with the pragmatic goal of working with colleagues to assess how we can best foster DH scholarship at a Fordham and the theoretical goal of deepening my understanding of what Pierre Bourdieu calls the formation of cultural fields.

As part of this research I’ll visit some digital humanities centers, spend a week at DH-2011, sit-in on the Digging into Data Conference at the NEH next week, interview some DH folks, and head out to San Francisco just now to attend the (LOD-LAM) Summit. LOD-LAM = Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and Museums, and has has a close connection to the Compatible Databases Initiative that I’m working on with colleagues across the country.

Somewhere in the weeks leading up to this month of travel, Jason Rhody at the NEH suggested that I blog my DH travels as an open access means of sharing what I learn about digital humanities and the places that digital humanities scholarship thrives.  Hence a new tab on this website: the Research Travel Blog.  Watch for new posts there.  Please note that the opinions expressed in the travel blog do not necessarily reflect the views of my home institution.

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